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Red Bean Cream Cheese Toast

This was actually made before my recent trip to Japan, although it screams Japanese (lol).

Buttered toast with sweet red bean paste is a local favorite breakfast choice in the Nagoya region where I grew up in.

But when I saw a combination of read bean paste, cream, and fruit confiture/jam on a toast on Instagram, that intrigued me.

Apparently a cafe called “Coffee House Kako” is famous for making this.

They use butter, sweet red bean paste, whipped cream, and jam/confiture.

My version is a bit different because I used cream cheese instead of whipped cream.

I personally think cream cheese is a better choice because of its texture and taste particularly for breakfast.

This time for jam/confiture I used store-bought cheery, marmalade, and lingonberry. I made kiwi confiture myself.

Red Bean Cream Cheese Toast

1 toast
1 tablespoon butter, room temperature
4~6 tablespoons sweet red bean paste
2~4 tablespoons cream cheese

1. Spread butter on a toast. Cut the toast into four pieces.
2. Spread red bean paste. Place cream cheese and then jam/confiture on top.

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