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Edamame Veggie Sushi Roll

What do you make when you want to clean up your fridge?

Soup is usually my go-to dish in a case like that, but making sushi rolls can be a good way to use up all the things you have in the fridge, too.

How beautiful is it?

In this sushi roll you’ll find daikon radish, carrot, spinach, olive salad, and mashed edamame.

It’s just an example, and you can be creative with ingredients.

I cannot really think of anything that shouldn’t be used for sushi rolls!

You can serve them individually or on a large platter for sharing.

Edamame Veggie Sushi Roll

Japanese roasted seaweed sheet (nori)
sushi rice
-1.5~2 cups Japanese white rice, hot/warm
-1 tablespoon vinegar
-1 tablespoon sugar
1/3 cup edamame mash (cooked edamame salted and roughly mashed)
veggies (I used daikon radish, carrot, spinach, and olive salad from a jar)

1. Make sushi rice. Mix vinegar and sugar. Add to hot/warm rice. Combine well (do not mash rice; the rice needs to keep its shape!). Salt. Let it cool.
2. Place a roasted seaweed sheet (nori) on plastic covered sushi mat.
3. Put the rice on the seaweed sheet. flatten the rice with wet fingers (again do NOT mash the rice!).
4. Place edamame mash and veggies on the rice. Roll it. Slice. Serve with soy sauce.

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