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Rice Flour Pullman Bread


I’ve noticed that rice flour has been popular in Japan the past few years.

A lot of recipes with rice flour are everywhere.

I’m not sure if it is because more people are interested in the gluten-free diet like in the U.S., but I’m not sure.

Based on my casual observation, however, people simply seem to like the unique texture the flour creates.


I found this recipe on the largest online recipe site in Japan.

I call this “Rice Flour Pullman Bread”, however, it’s not solely made of rice flour, therefore, it is NOT gluten-free.

Actually the portion of the rice flour is quite small; the large portion is a mixture of bread flour and all-purpose flour.


I hope you can tell how soft this bread is from this picture.

Although the amount of rice flour is not too large, it definitely creates a unique texture.

It’s soft and chewy at the same time, and absolutely delicious!

I really enjoyed this bread when it was just out of the oven.


It’s also wonderful when toasted.


I wanted some fresh flower in the house and looked at the flower section in the local grocery store this morning.

I tend to be attracted to plants that are often seen as “background”, something you’ll see in a wild field.

So, I came home with this.

The tag attached to it said “Solidago”.


Recipe Credit: commeline (recipe in Japanese)

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