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Tofu Burgers


I love tofu burgers.

These are a smaller version, and they look adorable.

Perfect for lunch or snack.


First, I bake buns.

This is me impatiently waiting for buns to be ready.


So happy with the result.


And I make tofu burgers.

These are so easy to make, yet, delicious!!

I like tofu burgers better compared to bean-based ones, because tofu burgers (at least this one) tend to have the texture that I prefer; bean burgers tend to be a bit too mushy to me.


These burgers are tasty as they are, but this time I coated them with Sriracha teriyaki sauce. Yum.


And then I slice the veggies I want in our burger.



These were so good.

Definitely one of my favorite sandwiches to make and share with my hubby.


You can probably get a better idea of how small these burgers are in this picture.

Well, just to let you know Terry was working on his car right before lunch, so he looks like a hard-working man; and he is!

Tofu Burger

1 bun (I used homemade one)
tofu burger (make 8~10 small burgers)
– 1 package extra firm tofu, microwaved for about one minute and excess liquid was removed, and then mashed
– 1/2 cup mini frozen Lima beans, thawed and chopped
– corn starch
– sugar
– salt and pepper
– chopped scallion
canola oil
Sriracha teriyaki sauce
– 1/3 cup cane sugar
– 1/3 cup soy sauce
– a few drops Sriracha sauce
sweet mustard sauce (Sorry no measurements. Taste frequently to get the right balance you like.)
– tahini
– Dijon mustard
– sugar
– white vinegar
tomato slices
onion slices
Shiso (Japanese basil leaves)

1. Make tofu burgers. Combine all the ingredients and make form burgers.
2. Cook tofu burgers with oil, for a few minutes each side, until browned. Remove from the pan.
3. Make Sriracha teriyaki sauce. Add all the ingredients in the pan. Cook and reduce until the sauce it thickened.
4. Put the cooked burgers back to the pan. Coat them with sauce.
5. Make sweet mustard sauce. Mix all the ingredients with a hand blender well until creamy.
6. Assemble.


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