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Strawberry Latte


I’ve never been a big fan of flavored latte until recently.

I like coffee and I do enjoy going to coffee shops, but I almost always order drip coffee (or chai if it doesn’t come from a box).

But a few months ago a new coffee shop opened near our house, and the first time we went there we immediately knew this would be one of our favorite coffee shops.

One of the reasons I don’t order flavored latte at coffee shops is that the flavors are kind of the same (and boring) everywhere and it tends to be overly sweet to me.

But this local coffee shop offers a selection of unique flavored latte and they are perfectly sweetened!

Check out their site on facebook.


This strawberry latte was my own creation.

This was my fist time making flavored latte at home, but it was delicious, especially when made with this home brewed coffee.


This strawberry latte was served with lightly toasted almond slices and white chocolate sprinkles.

Happy Thursday!

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