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Tofu Scramble Breakfast


I love our rustic dining table.

We bought it when we moved into our condo in the city.

When we lived in the suburbs we had a glass-top table.

Although it was pretty, I never liked that I had to be very careful whenever I had to put anything on the table.

So when we moved and decided to replace most of the furniture, I knew I wanted something durable as well as cool-looking.

And this was perfect!

We usually don’t eat at the dining table.

We eat typically at the kitchen island or on the couch in the living room, but I do like it when the table is set for a meal at the dining table, and I try to do it at least once a weekend.


The tofu scramble is one of my favorite breakfast dishes.

This is so good!


The tofu scramble was served with sauteed green peppers, roasted tomato, and Japanese sweet Satsuma hash.


This is my husband, commenting on the placemat.

Oh, I think he was asking me if I made these.

Well, I didn’t make them, but these are certainly something I would love to make myself.


In case you’ve never tried Japanese Satsuma potatoes, I wanted to show you what it looks like.

The skin is dark red, and the inside is white.

It tastes sweet, and you can cook it in many ways, roasting, braising, boiling, steaming, etc.

I like Satsuma potato because of its sweetness and “not so wet” texture.


Happy Tuesday everyone.

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