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Japanese Souffle Pancakes. Finally!


I’ve been spending a lot of time (in the kitchen, on the computer, and just a lot of thinking in my head) trying to perfect my Japanese souffle pancakes this weekend.

My first attempt and my second attempt were far from what I wanted, and last night I kind of got panicked feeling I might never be able to succeed.

And then, after several more trials, this morning I finally got to have beautiful souffle pancakes!

Between the second trial and this one I tried different recipes and different techniques, but I ended up coming back to this original recipe (in Japanese).

I think the key was to whip the egg white until it achieves the right consistency, smooth and glossy.

Another key is to cook them at a low temperature, slowly.

And to the recipe provider’s credit, she did say these things on the page, but I think you really need to try (and make mistakes) yourself to actually get it right.

This time I could tell the difference in the texture of the batter when I placed it on the pan, as it kept its shape very well.


Here is a view from the top when they are stacked.


A view from the side.



These are still wonderfully super light and soft like my first and second attempts, but this time they have a little more moist, a true souffle-like texture, which made me very happy.

I would give this 9.0 out of 10.

To get the other 1.0 I would like to get a little more height and improve overall texture (more moist, soft, and smooth).

Next time I will cook less before I flip them over, and by doing so I can hopefully get closer to my goal.


A cafe that specializes in this type of souffle pancakes in Japan is literally called “A Happy Pancake”.

Well, mine does make me happy (lol).


I enjoyed these pancakes simply with butter and maple syrup.

Those cafes in Japan often serve their pancakes with sweet treats like whipped cream and custard cream.

That sounds good too, but probably not for breakfast.


Happy Sunday everyone!

Addendum: Check out our success version.

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