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Cold Press


99.9% of the things you see on this blog are made by me.

But this is one of a few things that are made by my husband in our household.

And I love it!


Homemade Cold Press Coffee!

I don’t know exactly how he makes it, but I know the process involves a few steps.

Terry has become some kind of cold press master because the coffee he makes this way is absolutely delicious!


Since I do most of the cooking in the kitchen in our household, anything that is made by other people tastes good (you know what I’m talking about, all the cooks out there, right?), but this cold press is really tasty not just because it was made by someone else.

It makes me happy whenever he makes a new batch.


And this beautiful necklace with coffee-colored stone was also made by my hubby.

I think wearing this for this photo shoot was very appropriate.

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