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Maple Kale


The kale trend has come and gone, and you don’t hear much about this beautiful leafy vegetable anymore.

But this continues to be one of my favorite leaf vegetables.

Today I want to show you one of my recent favorite ways to eat kale.


Well, I have an apron on, but you really don’t need one (lol), because it’s so easy!

You only need five ingredients including kale: kale, sesame oil, maple syrup, black sesame seeds, and salt.

And no cooking is required.


Splash sesame oil over chopped kale. Coat the leaves with oil (but you don’t need too much oil as sesame oil is quite strong). Drizzle maple syrup (use a good quality one). Sprinkle salt and sesame seeds. Mix well.


Sweet and savory bowl of green yumminess!



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