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Brandied Pear Compote


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I didn’t want to make a huge chocolate cake that we would not be able to finish ourselves, but I still wanted something chocolaty to celebrate this special day with my love.


So this was a little something I made for ourselves.

Brandied pear compote served with cashew ice cream, candied pecan, and mocha chocolate sauce.

Simple yet sophisticated (I think!) and delicious.


It’s hard to find good vegan ice cream.

And it’s really hard to find something that pleases me (well, I’m not a big ice cream fan to begin with!).

But this ice cream made from cashew nuts was pretty tasty.

Probably one of the best vegan ice creams I’ve tried.



I’ve just heard on the local news that this year we will not have snow on the ground on Valentine’s Day in Minnesota.


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