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Konjac Steak Bento


Weekend bento making fun continues!

I think I’m slowly getting better at filling this new BENTO box.

Little differences such as the length or the depth of the box makes each bento-box filling challenging.


In this vegan bento box you’ll find…

-Konjac steak
-Sesame Shun-giku
-Mustard Kabocha
-Spiced Yuzu Carrots (note for myself: tahini, white vinegar, water, sugar, spiced yuzu paste, salt)

Konjac is a very unique ingredient, popular in Japan, but not well known in other countries.

It’s a hard sell to people who did not grow up eating this because of its unique jello-like texture.

Konjac is made of some type of yam potato, and is well known as a “diet food” in Japan.

I love Konjac not because it’s a diet food, but because of its taste and texture.

It’s quite substantial, so it has no problem made into and served as a main dish, in my opinion.


And here is a one-plate version.

Which do you like better, bento or one-plate?

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