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Satsuma Potato and Green Bean Stir-fry


I wouldn’t know how to name this, because in Japan they don’t really have a specific name for a dish like this.

But lucky me, in the U.S. I can give this a proper name, “stir-fry”!

Green beans (cooked), Japanese Satsuma sweet potatoes (they are called “Oriental Potatoes” at the local grocery store where I found them) (cooked), and fried and braised Inari soy curds were simply sauteed with a little oil.

Love the natural sweetness from the Satsuma potatoes.

It’s awesome that I can find these pretty easily at many stores now.


This is my second Sashiko (traditional Japanese embroidery) project.

When I took this picture I was still working on it.

But I’ve since finished it and I’m so happy with the final result!

I liked the soft pink threads, but the thing about Sashiko is that you never know what the final result will look like until you finish it.

The design is delicate, yet it still looks organic and natural.




This is how it looks on the back.

A cool design, isn’t it?

This is something I want to work on on my next project, though. Making the back look a bit neater.


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