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Panda Bento


Another weekend and another Bento lunch box.


Before I talk about the obvious two black and white guys in the first picture, I want to talk about the main dish of this Bento box.

This is a Japanese product called Just Like Meat made of only soy beans and brown rice and has a meat-like texture when cooked.

I cooked them first in salted boiled water, soaked them in soy flavored soup, sauteed/browned, and then served with sesame soy teriyaki-like sauce.

The texture is amazing, and I love the simple ingredients.

I tend to stay away from “vegan meat” but because of these reasons, I have to say this is probably one of my favorite vegan meat products.


In this Bento box you’ll also find roasted pepper cabbage salad, lemon marinated persimmon, and peas.


Okay, now let’s talk about these guys.

So I found this product that you can use to make panda bears with rice and seaweed.

Even though I bought it, I was a bit skeptical.

Well, this is genius!!

It worked and it was fairly easy to use.

I still need to improve my face-making skills, but they turned out pretty good for the first try. Won’t you agree?

The only problem is that you hesitate to decide which part you eat first (lol)!


Panda Bento Lunch Box

-Panda rice: cooked white rice, salt, Japanese roasted seaweed sheet (nori)
-Sesame ginger fillets: Just Like Meat, salt, soy sauce, sugar, Trader Joe’s -Sesame ginger soy dressing/marinade
-Roasted pepper and cabbage salad: cabbage, salt, roasted pepper salad from Costco
-Marinated persimmon: sugar, lemon juice, persimmon

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