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Thanksgiving 2016


Happy Thanksgiving!

This year our family got together at my brother-in-law’s house for dinner.

All the main dishes were prepared by the host, so the others pitched in bringing side dishes and condiments.

We volunteered to bring a salad and buns.

So, here they are.

These buns were just out of the oven!


It was a chilly day in Minnesota.

Just like any other year…


A feast!!


My big plate.

Everything was just delicious!!

Love the Thanksgiving meal.


The buns were slightly crusty outside and soft and flaky inside.

Great with butter.


I hope everyone got to spend the day full of good food and great time with loved ones.

We are not going to stores today or tomorrow, but I am thinking of doing some online shopping (maybe for a purse and a pair of shoes) tonight!

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