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Edamame Veggie BENTO


Making BENTO box lunch has become one of the things I really enjoy doing on the weekend.

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Curried Cabbage. Maple Glazed Carrots.

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Edamame Patties. Chinese Garlic Scallion Pancakes.

I continue to be committed to keeping our BENTO vegan.


Everything was packed into my favorite black x red BENTO box.


Grapes and persimmon.

I don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve purchased some cool BENTO stuff the last few weeks.

I never wanted my BENTO to be cute.

But a panda sauce container and bear picks?

Come on, who could resist them (lol)!?


I got pig and fish-shaped sauce containers as well.

These are more traditional versions.


This is a larger sized BENTO I made for Terry.


Right now I really don’t have any other BENTO box that would be a good size for Terry.

This doesn’t look bad, but this is a disposable plastic container, so I want to get him a real BENTO box.

He wants something “manly”, so I’m thinking of getting him some type of metal (probably stainless) one.

I almost decided on which brand and size to get.

It’s a Japanese brand so it will probably take a while before I can use it, but I’m excited!


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