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Anzac Cookies


My mother and I are both 100% Japanese but a lot of things I remember as my mother’s signature foods are not very Japanese.

She was (and still is) always very curious and adventurous when it comes to food, and I was fortunate to be able to try different kinds of foods that often had exotic flavors.


I will always remember this as my mom’s cookie, but Anzac cookies are typically known as Australian or New Zealand’s.

Well, my mother got a recipe from a young Japanese lady who had spent a few years in Australia, so it does make sense.

According to Wikipedia, Anzac cookies were made by wives and sent to soldiers abroad during the World War I. Apparently, they traveled well because of their long shelf life and hard surface.


My (well my mother’s) Anzac cookies are crunchy outside yet slightly chewy inside.

These are absolutely delicious and can be addictive!

Terry typically doesn’t care for coconuts but he likes these cookies, so it says something, right?



These packages are going to be “shipped to (dropped off at) our neighbor friend who is having a birthday cookie party today (which I unfortunately cannot attend) and to my father-in-law we are meeting with today for his belated birthday lunch.

I hope they both like them as much as we do.

Happy Sunday everyone!!

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