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SPAM Sushi


For the readers that have been following my blog the past few years, or even just a few weeks, this is probably not the kind of post you expected.

Well, I didn’t expect to have a post like this myself either.

But here it is.


We visited Austin Minnesota this June.

When you go to this quiet small town, you cannot miss the SPAM museum, so we went.

The museum was interesting and of course they have a lovely gift shop inside the building.

We, who are on the 95% plant based diet, had no plan to eat SPAM, ended up coming home with three different flavored SPAMs.


They were sitting in our pantry for many months, and when we decided to host a happy hour at our house Friday, we announced that we would serve SPAM sushi along with flatbread pizza.

Hey, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to finally open those cans.


We thought it would be a fun conversation starter and told ourselves that it would be okay to have a lot of leftover.

Well, it turned out that they were gone in a half hour!

I was glad that we could share this fun experience with a group of awesome friends.

SPAM sushi

3~4 cups cooked Japanese rice
1~2 tablespoons white vinegar
1~2 tablespoons sugar
2 cans SPAM, sliced and cut into 32 round shapes
canola oil
4 eggs
1 teaspoon sugar
teriyaki sauce (cook soy sauce and sugar mixture (1:1) until achieving preferred thickness)
chopped scallion
nori (Japanese roasted seaweed sheets) cut into strips

1. Make sushi rice. Add a mixture of sugar, vinegar, and salt to cooked rice when the rice is still hot. Mix well while cooling the rice with a fan.
2. Cook SPAM both sides with canola oil.
3. Add sugar and salt to eggs and mix well. Cook the mixture in a pan over low heat covered. Cut into 16 round shapes.
4. Assemble sushi with sushi rice, SPAM, and eggs (optional) and NORI (optional). Drizzle teriyaki sauce (optional) and sprinkle scallion.


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