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Shiro-Ae Bento


Last time I made a bento box I enjoyed so much that I decided to make another one for lunch this weekend.


The four dishes that went into the box are carrot cranberry shiro-ae, soy fritters, mustard kale, and sauteed Buna-pi mushrooms.

Shiro-ae is a traditional Japanese dish where cooked vegetables are coated with soy and sesame based cream.

I used carrot, pistachio, and dried cranberries for this dish, and this turned out to be delicious!


The rice was cooked with seventeen different grains, and I loved the texture.

This bento was served in a large black and red bento box that I picked up in Japan.

I thought this box was just perfect for this.

Doesn’t it look pretty?

Again we ate it for lunch right after I made it.

I know I didn’t have to put them in the box, but it was fun.


Here is a smaller version I made with all the same dishes , and this is going to be my lunch tomorrow.

This time Terry asked me to make one for his tomorrow’s lunch too.

This may become a tradition at our house.

We’ll see.


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