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Door County


We had a wonderful opportunity to spend a long weekend in Door County.

I had heard a lot of great things about it but never had a chance to visit, so I was very excited about this trip.


We stayed at a hotel right by the lake in Sister Bay, and this was the view from our second floor room!



Every morning after breakfast I walked down to the water.

It was so peaceful.


I even did a little yoga!


This was one of our activities during our vacation.

Well, the picture was taken during our ferry trip to Washington island, but we brought something onto the ferry with us.


Yes, it was part of our segway tour!

It was my first time segwaying.

I always wanted to try but at the same time I was afraid because I was not sure if I could learn to ride it.

Well, it took me about 15 minutes to be comfortable, but then oh my, it was so much fun!!


We explored the island with on the segway.

We had lunch right by this beautiful beach.



We also visited a lavender farm and had delicious ice cream.

We had one scoop of lavender vanilla and one scoop of Door County cherry (it’s almost obligatory to have something cherry at least once in Door County!).


Sister Bay is not a big town, but their main street is cute and has some interesting things to see, like this restaurant.

Yes, these goats are real and grazing on the roof!


We also spent a few days in Fish Creek.

This town was probably my favorite.

It was packed with many stores with well selected goods!

I’ve never had so much fun shopping during a vacation!



I didn’t eat a lot of sweets during our trip, but I did enjoy these donuts from Singing Donuts, where you get to pick your own icing and topping.



This is one of the things we brought home from Fish Creek with us.

We found this perfume at a small shop close to the water, and I fell in love with the fragrance and the packaging.

They were both feminine and sophisticated.

Terry bought this for me as a gift.

This is going to be a wonderful way to remember this great vacation!

Oh, did I tell you we ziplined too?!

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