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Big Salad


I hesitated to post this one, because it’s a salad and there isn’t anything super special about it.

But I decided to go ahead and post it because I think people will have a good idea of what we eat a lot on a daily basis.


You’ll find this type (and size) of salad at our dinner table often.


I make all the dressing we consume at home.

Once in a while we buy a bottle of dressing just because Terry wants to keep one just in case he is home alone and there is no homemade dressing ready in the fridge.

But almost always we end up throwing it away with more than half full because we simply do not use it.

I tell everyone all the time, but everyone should make their own dressing because it’s easy, cheap, and it simply tastes better than store-bought ones.

This is my recent favorite thing to eat my salad with, and I shouldn’t even probably call it dressing.

It’s a mixture of olive salad (from Costco) and olive oil.

I just drizzle this over my salad and sprinkle some salt.

Simply delicious!!


In the beginning of this post I said there is nothing special about this salad, yet, it’s so hard to find a salad like this at restaurants.

Often times, restaurant salads are too leafy and they do not have much substance. And if they do, they are usually loaded with cheese, chicken, and bacon, and not with vegetables.


Cucumber is one of my favorite things in my salad.

Love the crunchiness.


Curry marinated cauliflower.

Another crunchiness.


How much did I like this salad?

Well, this much (lol).

Big Salad

kale strips
cucumber, sliced
mini tomatoes, cut in half
carrot, sliced
green pepper, sliced
pickled red onion (red onion, sugar, vinegar, salt, peppercorn)
curry marinated cauliflower (cauliflower, vinegar, sugar, salt, curry powder)
olive salad from a jar (I used the one from Costco)
olive oil

1. Serve all the vegetables with a mixture of olive salad and olive oil. Sprinkle salt.

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