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Veggie Sushi Rolls


I make sushi rolls with anything everything.

Mango Rolls, Italian Rolls, Fried Soy Curd Rolls, and Beet Rolls are some of the examples.



These are beautiful veggies from the local farmers market.

I was gonna say green beans are my favorite, but then I like the other veggies as well and it’s hard to pick a favorite.


Load as much as you can.


It’s always fun to make sushi rolls.

I get such a feeling of accomplishment from this (lol).


Bon Appetit!

Veggie Sushi Roll

sushi rice
– 1 cup cooked rice, warm
– 1 tablespoon white vinegar
– 1/2~1 tablespoon sugar
– salt
1 sheet nori roasted seaweed

1. Make sushi rice. Combine all the ingredients. Mix well. Do not mash rice. Let it cool.
2. Spread the rice on nori roasted seaweed.
3. Place vegetables on the rice. Roll it. Cut into bite size pieces.

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