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Raspberry Tahini Toast


When a neighbor hands you raspberries, make raspberry tahini toast!


Our neighbor couple has a spot in a community garden, and they always kindly bring us goodies from their garden.

These raspberries are so sweet.

There is something about non-commercial produce.

They seem to have more intense flavors compared to those found at grocery stores.

I also liked these raspberries because for some reason I didn’t mind their seeds; I sometimes avoid raspberries simply because of their seeds.

Maybe these raspberries have smaller seeds?!


The inspiration initially came from “Hmmmm, I want a raspberry dessert”, and “Maybe I’ll make a raspberry cheesecake”, then “Hmmm, how about a toast with cream cheese and raspberries”, and I really liked the idea, but then I thought “How about I’ll make raspberry toast, but keep it vegan!”


The combination of tahini and raspberries may sound strange to some of you, but I liked it!

When you stop reaching for butter or cheese too quickly, you realize there are so many other wonderful options.


Tahini Raspberry Toast

tahini cream
– 2 tablespoons tahini
– 1/2~1 tablespoon soft tofu
– fresh lemon juice from 1/2 lemon
– maple syrup
– salt
1 slice artisan bread, toasted
fresh raspberries
maple syrup
maple syrup

1. Make tahini cream. Combine all the ingredients and mix well until creamy.
2. Spread the tahini cream on a toast.
3. Place fresh raspberries and currants.
4. Drizzle maple syrup.


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