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Vintage Lover’s Paradise!


If you come down to Sea Salt Eatery for lunch, plan to spend the afternoon in south Minneapolis.

Once you are happy and full with the delicious seafood lunch and walk around Minnehaha Park, drive up Minnehaha Avenue toward North.

There are several vintage stores clustered within a few blocks.

And if you like vintage stuff, this is a must!

(Even if you are not into vintage stuff, these shops are fun to explore.)


The first stop is Junket Tossed & Found.


Just a super cute and fun store.

Terry liked their free coffee and cookies!

The staff was very friendly.


It looks like this room was a real kitchen of the house.

Now it’s filled with all the cool vintage kitchen stuff.


Piano keys!

You just never know what you find at a vintage shop.


The next stop was Time Bomb.



This shop was also interesting.

Very well organized.

A great place for cool retro furniture.


And the last but not least was E’s Emporium.

This place looks small from outside, but the inside is much bigger than expected.



Each room was decorated uniquely and looks so comfortable that you just want to sit down on one of the couches and have a cup of tea.

Terry usually gets bored quickly with many vintage/antique stores and he often leaves and waits for me in the car.

But we both really enjoyed all these stores, and we agreed that these are some of the best vintage/antique stores we’ve ever visited!



We bought a few things from each store.

These are some of the things I came home with.

Don’t worry, Terry got something he liked, too.

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