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Surly Brewing


I got interested in this place when I heard about it on MPR a while ago.

They built this place two years ago, and drinking beer outside in a garden sounded so good.


So we decided to check it out Sunday, when Church of Cash, one of our favorite bands was supposed to play that evening.


Well, first we had beer (of course!) at their spacious restaurant!



We ordered and shared fish tacos, grilled asparagus salad, and roasted Brussels sprouts.

Everything was good, maybe a tiny bit salty, which maybe was intended to make people want to drink more beer! (lol)


This year is their 10th anniversary, and they were offering a tour, and we jumped on the opportunity.

It was interesting to hear how a small group of people started and they expanded to this large operation which is now a workplace for  400 employees.


Then at 5:30 p.m. we went outside when the band started to play.


We’ve seen them before at a different place but they were awesome again.

Love the music (who wouldn’t like Johnny Cash songs?) and they are such great entertainers, too.


It was a beautiful evening, but windy.

This is me trying to keep my skirt from making my legs look too bare!


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