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Shawn’s Chicken Parmesan 男飯:作ってもらうご飯は美味しい


Terry’s childhood friend, Shawn, came over to make us dinner last night!

This is the second time, but his chicken parmesan is so good.

I don’t eat a lot of meat, let alone, a whole chicken breast and three strips of bacon for one meal!

But oh my, this was good.


This was a part of my small contribution (salad and bread) to the dinner.

Terry picked up all the ingredients for the chicken parmesan, free ranged chicken, thick cut bacon, oraganic chunky red sauce, and whole wheat pasta (I usually don’t care much for whole wheat pasta, but I do like this Trader Joe’s one), and he did a great job!

I never thought free ranged chicken could make this big a difference in taste.


It was such a wonderful evening.

A big thank you to Shawn, especially when he had to take the stairs all the way up to our apartment!

We’ve been living here for almost three years, and this was the first time all three elevators were down.

How often do you have to sweat when you visit your friend for dinner…

He was so cool about it, though.


We ate at the dinner table, and I realized how nice it was to eat there, especially when there is a beautiful sunset like last night.

(Terry and I usually eat at the kitchen island or at the coffee table in front of the TV.)


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