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Pullet Eggs ファーマーズマーケットで見っけ。


We got up this morning rather early, and we decided to check out the local farmer’s market, hoping it was a bit more lively compared to the last time we were there a few months ago.

It was still pretty quiet, but we got to find something interesting. Pullet Eggs.


Pullet eggs are eggs that young hens that are under one year old lay in their first few months.

These were picked up last night, and some of them still had feathers attached!



We were told by the vendor lady that pullet eggs are more nutritious compared to regular eggs.

I could tell their egg yolks were much darker than regular ones.


We enjoyed them simply fried.

Very tasty!


Can’t wait for the farmer’s market to be filled with lots of produce and plants.
In a few more weeks… I hope…

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