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Happy Thanksgiving!
今日は感謝祭! 家族と一緒にお祝いしました。


Initially we were talking about going out to eat this year. But then my brother-in-law and his wife kindly invited us and others to their house for a late lunch/early dinner.



The plan was that the host would prepare a turkey and a potato dish, and everyone else would each bring two things. So as a veggie lover I brought green bean casserole and glazed carrots. I used this recipe for the casserole, and this recipe for the carrots as a base recipe; I made a few small changes to both recipes.



Our host made both turkey and ham as well as several different potato dishes. Everything was so tasty and I enjoyed two generous helpings!



↓ボタン押していただけるとランキングが上がって励みになります。Thank you!!

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