Salmon Sushi Rolls

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  • 私もこの週末寿司ロール(カリフォルニアロール)作りました!カニ(ベアダイというズワイガニの一種)があったのでそれをメインに。後は卵(私はマヨネーズを入れて焼きます)、きゅうりとアボガド。野外コンサートに持って行きました。



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  • Itame San made it look so easy, so of course I had to try. I have read, and now believe that people apprentice for five years just cooking the rice before they go on to anything else. My sushi looked pretty, but there were problems. Rice mittens, both hands. Safeway does not sell sashimi grade tuna, I now know. Under toasted nori wrap is…tough, chewy, not good. My salmon efforts at least had good fish you could eat raw and a good riceball. I think I did a salmon nigri. Hard to screw up, but not as good as Itame San.

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    I’ve heard too that it takes a long time to be able to make sushi (especially nigiri) like a master sushi chef…

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