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Category Archives: Seafood

Smoked Oyster Lemon Pasta

This has been one of my recent favorite pastas. Smoked Oyster Lemon Pasta. This is my secret weapon! Smoked oysters from Trader Joe’s. These are so tasty, and I sometimes just eat them as a snack. The other key ingredients are lemon zest, parsley, garlic, and homemade bread crumbs. Voila! I know oysters are not […]

Smashed Potato Salad with Herring and Dill

A nice thing about being the cook of our household is that I can make whatever (mostly) food I like and the way I like it. Potato salad is a popular dish and everybody knows what it is, but it’s probably one of the dishes that everyone has a specific idea of how it should […]

Mussle Coconut Curry ムール貝ココナッツカレー

It’s always fun to visit an Asian grocery store because I seem to find something new and interesting every time I go. Last time I was at a large local Chinese grocery store I found these beautiful green mussles! It was interesting to find out that they are from New Zealand because I usually see […]

Cod Rice Pouch 鱈ご飯袋焼き

One of our favorite home-cooked meals. Cod Rice Pouch! The main ingredient is apparently cod. But I like to put a lot of vegetables in the pouch as well. Here is a picture right before the pouch was closed and put in the oven. You can enjoy this dish simply as it is, or a […]

Fried Salmon Rice Bowl 鮭カツ丼

Fried Salmon Rice Bowl I made this for lunch last weekend, and Terry and I really enjoyed it. And this was the inspiration for this dish. “Dashi”. Dashi is traditional Japanese soup stock made of dried fish and seaweed. This was made by our friend (he is American but has lived in Japan in the […]

Avocado Flatbread with Creamed Cod Roe

Avocado Flatbread with Creamed Cod Roe I was interested in Kalles Cod Roe Cream for a long time. Whenever I saw it at IKEA, I would pick one up and then put it down. For some reason I couldn’t make the decision to take one home; the most likely reason I can think of is […]

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