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I have some favorite restaurants, and Quang definitely has been one of them for many years. I’ve known this restaurant for over 1o years, but the quality of their food has always been so consistent. This is their tofu/vegetable noodle soup. Last time I was at the restaurant with a girlfriend about a month ago, […]

Holy Land

One of my favorite Food Network shows, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, has been featuring many restaurants in the Twin Cities lately, which is super exciting, and I recently saw this in one of their episodes. Holy Land. It’s a deli/grocery/restaurant place that specializes in Arabic, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern foods, located in the Northeast Minneapolis […]

Red River Kitchen

When we would go for a walk along the Mississippi river, we saw this beautiful old building, and I always thought this would make a great restaurant. Especially after visiting San Francisco where there were so many beautiful restaurants and bars located right by the water, I thought we should take advantage of the water […]

Pizzeria Lola

  This was the birthday boy’s pic for dinner. Great service, great beer, and great pizza! Happy birthday!! Pizzeria Lola. I’m on Instagram.

Patisserie 46

Okay. This is what I would propose doing after shopping at the vintage stores. Drive toward West and go to Patisserie 46. This is a perfect spot for a cup of coffee (or a glass of iced coffee) and quality pastries and sweets. I didn’t say it’s going to easy to choose just one. There […]

Sea Salt Eatery

When we had one-week stay-cation last week, this place was quickly added to our  to-do list. Sea Salt Eatery! This is located in the middle of Minnehaha Park. Last time we were there, there was a looong line in front of the restaurant and we left. It was a weekend, and this time we made […]

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