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JW Marriott MOA 近場バケーション

We had this week off and we were entertaining the idea of taking a trip to maybe Kansas City. But at the last minute we changed our mind and decided to check out the new addition to the Mall of America, JW Marriott Hotel. The Mall of America is 15 minutes from our house. A […]

Weeknight Date

Weeknight Date I enjoy going out on the weekend, but I LOVE weeknight dates. Especially a date in the very middle of the week, Wednesday, saves my soul (lol). We were just here not long ago, but we were back again. I just feel so fortunate to have this wonderful live music venue within a […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We celebrated the day a bit early on Friday at French Meadow Bakery & Cafe. We had a wonderful dinner. Terry had tempeh tacos and tomato basil soup, and I had mussels and broccolini. Everything was great and we also enjoyed the dessert, Mexican chocolate tart, we took home with us. […]

HUGE Antique Store

During our 3-day stay in Denver we decided to rent a car and go for a drive one day. On our way to our destination we saw this antique shop, Ski Country Antiques & Home, and when Terry asked me if I wanted to visit, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. 先週末のコロラド州デンバー市滞在は3日間だったのですが、一日レンタカーを借りてドライブへ出かけました。そんな時に見つけたこのお店、アンティークショップです。

Union Station in Denver

We enjoyed the city of Denver very much. But my favorite is probably their Union Station. We visited it around the rush hour on Friday afternoon, and it was so lively. There are many restaurants and shops inside and it seems like a wonderful place to shop, have a snack or/and a drink, or just […]

A Hotel in Denver

You probably guessed, but we had a wonderful time over the long weekend in Colorado. The pictures from the previous post are from Denver. Today I’m posting pictures from Hotel Teatro in Denver. It’s located in the theater district and the decor is very French and beautiful. 週末に訪れたのは、コロラド州です。昨日の写真はコロラド州デンバー市内の写真。今日はデンバー市内にあるホテルテアトロというホテル内の写真を数枚アップしますね。

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