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Tea Bar

I know the coffee bar has been pretty popular lately, but I thought why not creating a tea bar since we are big tea drinkers. 最近巷で流行っているのが、おうちにコーヒーバーを作ること。うちは断然お茶派なので、それなら、ティーバーを作ってみよう、と。


I’ve been looking for flatware we can use daily. For years. Well, we’ve bought several sets, but we’ve never been happy with any of them. When I thought we looked everywhere, we ran into one that was perfect for us. It was at a small kitchen store just outside Des Moines Iowa. They only had […]

My New Gray Linen Apron

Yes, I ordered another linen apron about two months ago. When I found this on Etsy, I had to have it (again!). It was shipped by the seller fairly quickly, but it took over one and a half months to arrive for some reason. (The seller was great, responding to my email quickly and providing […]

Linen Apron

I’ve been buying a lot of things made of linen lately.

Butter Dish

We were looking for a butter dish for a while. We had one but we needed this larger sized one. And we finally found this! バターケース、持っているのですが、実はもう一つ探していました。気に入ったものがなかなか見つからなかったのですが、コレ気に入って購入しました。

Spice Drawer

I was meaning to clean my spice drawer for a while.

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