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Category Archives: Beef

Steak Tomato Rice Bowl

Steak Tomato Rice Bowl When we started the 95% plant based diet, what really shocked me was that it was almost exactly how I used to eat when I was a child. Growing up in Japan we did eat meat, but meat was usually used as a small part of a main dish. Even if […]

Zucchini Rings with Meat Sauce

Zucchini Rings with Meat Sauce I have recently discovered that certain vegetables I was always cooking are as tasty as or tastier when they are raw. Zucchini is one of those vegetables. I love cutting zucchini into thin strips and eat them as spaghetti and I also take zucchini slices to work for a snack; […]

Cabbage Chili

Cabbage Chili I don’t make chili very often any more since we changed our diet. I mean the traditional chili with actual beef. But a few weeks ago we had some relatives visiting from out of state and I decided to make “meat” chili to serve for dinner. I made a big pot and since […]

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