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Crimini Fritter Bento Box

Last week I was rather home-bound due to some obligations I had. I did go to work but other than that I was home, and I didn’t leave the house at all over the weekend. What do you do when you have so much time at home? Make a bento box (lol)! So I got […]

Mushroom Chestnut Soup

What’s more seasonal than this?! Fall is known as a season for having a big appetite in Japan. There are several food items that are appreciated particularly during this season, and mushroom and chestnut are a few of those fall foods. These beautiful mushrooms were from the local Asian grocery store. If you ask me […]

PB&J Pancake Sandwich Bites
PB&J 一口パンケーキサンド

I like the general idea of PB&J sandwich, but I always felt it could be better. The rich, thick, and slightly salty peanut butter does go well with the sweetness of the jam, but it felt something is missing for some reason. So I decided to add some fresh fruit to my PB&J, and it […]

Oregano Pesto (Vegan)

Remember the fresh oregano I got from our friend? After making the bread, I still had a lot left, and I was feeling a bit of pressure. My friend suggested drying it, but I really wanted to use it as fresh because how often do you get to enjoy this much fresh oregano?! So I […]

Banana PB Breakfast Tacos バナナとPBで朝食タコス

Because I liked these tortillas so much that I decided to make breakfast tacos with them. (I’ve made these vegan tacos with these tortillas, too.) Ingredients, like banana, peanut butter, and maple syrup, are not new as breakfast items, but putting all these on tortillas may surprise some people. Well, I never thought of doing it until […]

Vegan Nam Khao ラオス風ココナッツライスサラダ

I just talked about my recent favorite TV cooking show in this post, but today I want to tell you my all time favorite Foodnetwork show, Diners Drive-ins and Dives. I believe a big factor of this show’s success is Guy Fieri, the show’s host (he is awesome!), but the concept is just brilliant as […]

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