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Category Archives: Seaweed

Veggie Sushi Rolls

I make sushi rolls with anything everything. Mango Rolls, Italian Rolls, Fried Soy Curd Rolls, and Beet Rolls are some of the examples. These are beautiful veggies from the local farmers market. I was gonna say green beans are my favorite, but then I like the other veggies as well and it’s hard to pick […]

Tofu Pot Stickers 豆腐餃子

Yep. Pot stickers again! It’s like pizza for Terry. When I ask Terry what he wants for dinner, he will say “pizza!” When he asks me what I want for dinner, I will say “gyoza (pot stickers in Japanese)!” probably 80 percent of the time. The problem with this is that you can’t call to […]

Soba Soup with Basil Sweet Potato Tempura

Soba Soup with Basil Sweet Potato Tempura I like refreshing soba salad like this one, but this time of the year hot steamy soba soup is delicious of course! This is a pretty traditional Japanese dish. Everyone loves tempura soba in Japan. It’s a bold statement but it’s true (lol). But sweet potato and basil […]

Beet Shungiku Sushi Roll

Beet Shungiku Sushi Roll Do you like your food pretty or tasty?

Mango Sushi Roll

Mango Sushi Roll I know this might sound a bit unusual.

3D Flower Sushi

3D Flower Sushi When I was little, I was told not to play with food. I had a lot of fun making this. I hope my mom is okay with me playing with food like this as I’m an adult now and I WILL eat the food I played with! Today I just suddenly got […]

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