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Category Archives: Mushroom

Hot and Sour Soup

November in Minnesota is probably my least favorite month. It’s not only cold but also gloomy. I recently heard a local meteorologist confirm that we get the least amount of sun in November in Minnesota. What do I want to eat on a gloomy day? Well, soup is one of my favorite go-to food. I […]

Mushroom Spinach Lasagna

I like noodles and I make pasta a lot, but lasagna is a different story. For some reason, it’s something I only make for a special occasion. Well, for one thing, it includes multiple steps, a lot more than a simple pasta dish. So I made lasagna for dinner, but of course it took longer […]

Vegan Lunch with Non-Vegan Guests

Now we are on a 100% plant-based diet. Since we switched from 95% to 100% a few months ago, there really haven’t been any major problems. We’ve attended some family gatherings, and we’ve learned to bring a dish (or dishes) that we can eat to such occasions. No problem. But yesterday we had a new […]

Pizza Toast

Growing up in Japan, pizza was not a big part of our diet, particularly a few decades ago. I don’t even think there were any restaurants that served pizza in our little town when I was a child; now pizza has become a lot more popular and there is even an awesome Italian restaurant a […]

Deep Dish Pizza

Deep dish pizza, y’all. During our recent trip to Chicago, we had fabulous deep dish pizza at Kitchen17. So since then we’ve been making deep dish pizza more often at our house. This deep dish pizza oven was gifted to Terry by his dad. We press the dough on the dish. Spread homemade cheese, then […]

Stuffed Corn Cakes: Mushroom and Apple

Since I liked these corn cakes so much that I decided to make more. These corn cakes are so versatile, and you can’t go wrong with any filling, but this time I made two versions: mushroom and apple. I also made two different apple versions. One was (↑)a combination of apples, dried cranberries, and cinnamon. […]

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