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Apple Cider Sparkling Sake

Merry Christmas, everyone! Have a wonderful and safe weekend. Tomorrow we are going to my brother-in-law’s house to have a family get-together. Today we are relaxing at home enjoying my new concoction, Apple Cider Sparkling Sake, and watching the Vikings game. This Apple Cider Sparkling Sake is super tasty! I mixed apple cider sparkling juice […]

Pumpkin Omelette

Okay. Yes, I admit. This was made from the leftover ingredients from the previous post, Pumpkin Dorayaki. Well, what do you do when you have a lot of filling and a few pancakes left? I make omelette! Omelette is typically known as an egg dish here, but in Japan this type of sweet omelette is […]

Elderflower Lemonade Drink フライデーカクテルタイム

Happy Friday! How do you start your weekend? Me? Picking up fresh flowers is always a good way to start. Also picking up a new food or drink to try is a fun thing to do for the weekend (or anytime for us!). I was lucky to find this elderflower lemonade in a discount cart […]

Shungiku Smoothie 春菊スムージー

We are on the 95% plant based diet, but we sometimes do eat a lot more meat than we are supposed to. Interestingly, our bodies usually notice something is different and “tell” us that we need to go back to our diet. After a few meat-heavy meals, we wanted to make smoothie. Here are the […]

Ginger Orange Soda 生姜オレンジソーダ

When life gives you oranges, make orange soda! Well, ginger orange soda, to be exact. Or make orange art. Or a silly face (lol). OK. Let’s go back to the ginger orange soda. Growing up in Japan, we didn’t drink a lot of soda. But my mom would let me and my sister choose a […]

Kiwi Lemonade キウイレモネード

The inspiration came from a picture at someone’s blog. I don’t remember exactly where, but her kiwi lemonade looked VERY green. I had that color in my head when I made mine, but mine turned out to be this. Not VERY green, but probably more natural. And I think I’m okay with it. Food fun […]

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