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Category Archives: Pasta/Noodle/Rice

Macaroni and V Cheese with Basil Sauce

I usually prefer long pasta to short pasta, but I do love macaroni. Who can resist this combination of adorable-looking macaroni and creamy (V) cheese?! Well, I can’t. I like my macaroni and V cheese with a lot of freshly ground black pepper. It even gets better when you drizzle basil sauce on top. But […]

Curried Coconut Risotto

When I saw a picture of “coconut risotto” posted by one of the popular local food Instagramers, Kat, I told myself that I should make something like this. The coconut risotto she posted was that she had at a restaurant, Hasty Tasty and when I commented to express my interest in the dish, she replied and […]

Ramen with Kuruma-Bu

Ramen time! I like my ramen loaded with lots of veggies. I liked the Kuruma-Bu so much that I decided to fry them to add to my ramen. Got my noodles from a local Asian grocery store. Voila! I-Ta-Da-Ki-Ma-Su! This is what we say when we eat in Japan. We do this so many times, […]

Kuruma-Bu Katsu-Don

Here is another dish I made using the Kuruma-Bu Katsu. This is called Katsu-Don, which means Katsu (something breaded and deep-fried) on rice served in a bowl. The Katsu is usually paired with onions and softly cooked eggs in soy sauce-based sweet broth. In my version, the eggs were substituted with silken tofu and soy […]

Kuruma-Bu Katsu Curry

Since the Kuruma-Bu Katsu was such a great hit that I decided to use it for a few more dishes. Katsu Curry is a popular dish in Japan. It is basically a bowl of rice, Japanese style curry (it’s a bit thicker and has the stew-like texture) and Katsu. The crunchy Kuruma-Bu Katsu goes well […]

Soft Omelette Rice

Omelette Rice or “Omurice” is a popular Japanese dish. As the name suggests, it is fried rice covered with omelette. When I visited Japan in May, I came back with many vegan cookbooks, and I got an idea from the recipe in this book (Japanese) for the omelette part of my omelette rice. (My hair […]

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