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Bonsai Melon


I do like melon, but I usually hesitate to buy one.

Just because they tend to widely range in terms of quality and sweetness from one melon to the next.

Not from one type to the next, but literally from one sitting here to the next sitting right next to it.

So when I saw this Bonsai melon at Trader Joe’s and the sign said something like “super sweet”, I was still quite skeptical.

But, hey, it was only $1.49!

So I decided to give it a try.



And I was happy.

It was super sweet just as advertised!

I also liked that the skin was so thin and there was little waste.


(Please ignore that the focus is on the background and not on the melon… I’m still working on taking better photos with a timer…)

And I am finally feeling better after suffering from a cold for a week.

Too bad I couldn’t cook anything past week including the weekend.

I know it’s probably not something people think of when they are sick, but I so much missed cooking and I can’t wait to spend some time in the kitchen this week.

A big thank you to my hubby, who fed me with good quality food the whole week.

Persimmon Almond Tart


I made these persimmon almond tarts a few months ago.

For some reason it didn’t make it to the blog.



This type of almond tarts are typically made with pears, but persimmon gives them the great vibrant color.

The persimmon was cooked and marinated in syrup overnight before placed on the almond filling.

I’m currently down with a cold…

But my appetite is apparently not affected, and I wish I could have these tarts right now…


Sparkling Sangria


Although the whole holiday season is over, I’m still in kind of a festive mood.


So I quickly grabbed a bottle when I saw sparkling cider still being sold at the local grocery store.

This drink is not only tasty but also very pretty!

Sparkling Sangria

red wine
sparkling cider
orange slices
black berries

1. Mix wine and sparkling cider. Serve with fresh fruits.


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