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Fried Pea Dumpling Bento


Another vegan bento box.

This time it’s a bit more adult-like compared to this Panda Bento 1 or this Panda Bento 2.


The main dish of this Bento box is the fried pea dumplings.

Crispy and delicious!


Braised Hijiki seaweed.


Turmeric cauliflower olive salad.


Sesame spinach.


I really enjoy making Bento.

It’s fun to think about how to fill a box and make it look nice.


I just recently ordered a couple of new Bento boxes.

They are coming from Japan, and I’m so excited!!

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Rice Salad


I like salad, but I often feel “cheated” (lol) when the main meal is a salad.

My solution to it is adding cooked rice to veggies.

Just having a little rice makes the salad so much more satisfying, in my opinion.


As you can see there are a lot of vegetables in this bowl, but the star of this salad is the roasted sweet potatoes.

Terry bought some at the local farmers market for me.

When I saw them, I was not very happy, because they did not look “pretty”.

They looked somewhat deformed and dirty still covered with dirt.

But what a surprise (or not so)!

These were the best sweet potatoes ever.

When I roasted them, they turned out perfectly sweet, and the texture was just right, not too wet or mushy.

I could have eaten a whole sheet panful of them as they were, without any dressing, sauce, syrup, or butter.

They were that good.


I was able to keep some of them for our lunch salad.

In this bowl are Japanese white rice, roasted sweet potatoes, avocado, tomatoes, persimmons, napa cabbage, and spinach.

This was served with lime tahini dressing (and soy sauce; I have to have soy sauce for my avocados! I think it’s a Japanese thing (lol).).


By the way, what do you use When you want to add an extra flavor or an extra richness (or fat) to enhance the flavor of your dish or make it a bit more interesting at the last minute.

Bacon bits?


Well, how about if you want to keep your dish plant-based?

As you can see already ↑, this is one of my favorite last minute flavor-enhancers: fried onion.

I keep a good quality can in my pantry.

I sprinkle it on salads, soup, and really anything!

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Panda Sandwich Bento


I was so excited to make these sandwiches.

I got this panda sandwich kit a few weeks ago, and I hadn’t had time to try until yesterday.


This is how the whole face looks.

Isn’t it adorable?!

These are pretty easy to make, and I was quite surprised at how clearly you can stamp the facial features.

These are jam sandwiches (lingonberries and tropical fruit), but you can basically add anything that is not too wet.

Ham and cheese, cheddar cheese and mango chutney, cream cheese and herbs, peanut butter and fruit… possible variations are endless.


In the other layer of this Bendo box were potato salad and Buffalo cauliflower.

I usually don’t, but this time I wanted to put in as many vegetables as possible so I added carrots and onions to my potato salad.

Well, when I think of it, my mom used to add these veggies to her potato salad, too.


I’ve made Baffallo cauliflower before, but this time I succeeded in making them vegan.

These are so good that even I would want a glass of beer to wash them down (lol)!


Panda Sandwich Bento

Panda sandwiches (I used this kit)
– white and whole wheat bread slices
– jam, or other fillings
Baffalo cauliflower (I used this recipe, but used corn starch instead of eggs)
Potato salad
– potatoes
– carrots
– onion
– dressing (white vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, mustard)
– chives


With Terry’s suggestion, I toasted some of these Panda sandwiches with cheese inside.

They turned out pretty good as they kept the facial features well, but you do get some brown spots on the face. I do like the toasted crusty bread, but the “burned” spots may make some kids not too happy.

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