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Sweet Potato Crusted Pizza


Terry and I make a good team in many areas, and the kitchen is not an exception.

I’m the chef in our house, but Terry often gives me really fun food ideas.

I love it when he sends me an email with a link to a food site or a restaurant that he recently visited during his business trip.

The other day he told me that he wanted us (me) to make sweet potato crusted pizza.

He did not remember exactly where he saw it, but he said it was suggested as a way to use up left-over cooked sweet potatoes.

Terry and I made our crust with home roasted sweet potatoes, a mixture of all purpose flour and whole wheat flour, yeast, salt, water, and olive oil.

The crust turned out great.


The toppings I chose for this pizza were Crimini mushroom, cauliflower, jalapeno peppers, green onion, and cashew cream.


Here, you can see the color of the crust.

It’s rich dark orange, and I find it very attractive and appetizing.

You may not notice there are sweet potatoes in the crust if you don’t pay attention to the color, but it’s definitely there and you can taste the wonderful natural sweetness from the potatoes.


Actually, this is my sweet potato crusted pizza number 2.

Terry and I made the first pizza together, and I decided to make this to use up the rest of the dough.

I’m so bummed because it turned out so delicious and Terry is not home!

He had to leave this morning for business today.

I definitely have to make this pizza again when he is home.


Sweet Potato Crusted Pizza
I was experimenting and at this time the measurements are a VERY rough estimate; this is mostly for my personal note. So please feel free to use this as a rough idea, but do NOT follow this recipe/measurements without adjusting them to your liking.

sweet potato crust
– 1/2 cup roasted sweet potatoes, pureed
– olive oil
– warm water
– 1 tablespoon yeast
– 1 tablespoon salt
– 3~3 1/2 cups flour (bread, a-p, whole wheat)
BBQ sauce
– sauteed crimini mushrooms
– sauteed cauliflower
– a few slices jalapeno peppers from jar, chopped
cashew cream
– 1/2 cup cashew nuts, soaked in hot water
– white vinegar
– Dijon mustard
– sugar
– salt
– water
chopped green onion
crushed red pepper

Oven: 425~450F
Cook crust. Brush olive oil on the edge of the crust (optional). Spread BBQ sauce and place toppings. Cook until the crust is crunchy and the cauliflower is slightly browned. Serve with cashew cream, green onion, and crushed red pepper.


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Fried Pea Dumpling Bento


Another vegan bento box.

This time it’s a bit more adult-like compared to this Panda Bento 1 or this Panda Bento 2.


The main dish of this Bento box is the fried pea dumplings.

Crispy and delicious!


Braised Hijiki seaweed.


Turmeric cauliflower olive salad.


Sesame spinach.


I really enjoy making Bento.

It’s fun to think about how to fill a box and make it look nice.


I just recently ordered a couple of new Bento boxes.

They are coming from Japan, and I’m so excited!!

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Rice Salad


I like salad, but I often feel “cheated” (lol) when the main meal is a salad.

My solution to it is adding cooked rice to veggies.

Just having a little rice makes the salad so much more satisfying, in my opinion.


As you can see there are a lot of vegetables in this bowl, but the star of this salad is the roasted sweet potatoes.

Terry bought some at the local farmers market for me.

When I saw them, I was not very happy, because they did not look “pretty”.

They looked somewhat deformed and dirty still covered with dirt.

But what a surprise (or not so)!

These were the best sweet potatoes ever.

When I roasted them, they turned out perfectly sweet, and the texture was just right, not too wet or mushy.

I could have eaten a whole sheet panful of them as they were, without any dressing, sauce, syrup, or butter.

They were that good.


I was able to keep some of them for our lunch salad.

In this bowl are Japanese white rice, roasted sweet potatoes, avocado, tomatoes, persimmons, napa cabbage, and spinach.

This was served with lime tahini dressing (and soy sauce; I have to have soy sauce for my avocados! I think it’s a Japanese thing (lol).).


By the way, what do you use When you want to add an extra flavor or an extra richness (or fat) to enhance the flavor of your dish or make it a bit more interesting at the last minute.

Bacon bits?


Well, how about if you want to keep your dish plant-based?

As you can see already ↑, this is one of my favorite last minute flavor-enhancers: fried onion.

I keep a good quality can in my pantry.

I sprinkle it on salads, soup, and really anything!

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