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Category Archives: Breakfast

Apple Fritters

We had a potluck lunch at work last week. It’s always nice to do this because everyone can take a little time off from their hectic work schedule and socialize a little bit. But of course, trying different food is definitely a major fun part of this. One of the foods I really liked at […]

The French Hen Cafe

We were initially planning to try a restaurant called (The Neighborhood Cafe) for our Christmas Eve brunch. But the place was closed for the pre-holiday. So I found a place called The Uptowner Cafe, but when we called to make sure they were open, we found that they were open only until noon; it was […]

Pumpkin Artisan Bread

Well, Halloween came and went, but it doesn’t mean we should no longer enjoy pumpkin. I had some leftover pumpkin puree and I decided to add it to my artisan bread recipe. The result was these beautiful loaves of pumpkin bread. One plain. The other with dry cranberries and walnuts. They didn’t taste much of […]

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