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Category Archives: St. Paul

Tori Ramen

We finally got to try Tori Ramen today for lunch. They have been open for several weeks now. The decor is simple but cool and comfortable. I had their Ton-kotsu ramen. Very good. It’s rich but it tastes very fresh and enjoyable. Terry had Tantan Ramen. This was delicious. Rich and flavorful, but not heavy. […]

Red River Kitchen

When we would go for a walk along the Mississippi river, we saw this beautiful old building, and I always thought this would make a great restaurant. Especially after visiting San Francisco where there were so many beautiful restaurants and bars located right by the water, I thought we should take advantage of the water […]

Saint Dinette 2

This is definitely one of our favorite restaurants in Lowertown St. Paul. It’s not a huge space, but very airy and comfortable probably because of the high ceiling. Their menu changes periodically. We usually wait for a new menu before we go back, but this time we hurried back quickly after our last visit, hoping […]

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