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Category Archives: Bento/Lunch Box

Satoimo Croquettes

Satoimo is a Japanese taro root vegetable. This has an interesting slimy! texture. You’ve probably known by now that Japanese people like slimy food (lol). I haven’t had Satoimo for years but last time I visited the local Asian grocery store I found a frozen bag of Satoimo already peeled and cut into bite sized […]

Konjac Steak Bento

Weekend bento making fun continues! I think I’m slowly getting better at filling this new BENTO box. Little differences such as the length or the depth of the box makes each bento-box filling challenging. In this vegan bento box you’ll find… -Konjac steak -Sesame Shun-giku -Mustard Kabocha -Spiced Yuzu Carrots (note for myself: tahini, white […]

Bunapi Mushroom Tempura BENTO

I love mushroom, and I can eat mushroom every single meal. And lucky me, today there are so many types of mushrooms available at regular grocery stores. Bunapi is probably one of my favorites. It’s typically a bit expensive but I can get it for a pretty good price at the local Asian grocery store. […]

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