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Category Archives: Mushroom

Sweet Potato Baby Bella Pot Stickers

I was in a mood for pot stickers, but I wanted my filling to be other than meat. Then I realized that I had some roasted sweet potatoes in the fridge and I decided to use them. This is not the first time I made no-meat pot stickers. If you are interested in other versions, […]

Satoimo Croquettes

Satoimo is a Japanese taro root vegetable. This has an interesting slimy! texture. You’ve probably known by now that Japanese people like slimy food (lol). I haven’t had Satoimo for years but last time I visited the local Asian grocery store I found a frozen bag of Satoimo already peeled and cut into bite sized […]

King Mushroom Cauliflower Red Curry

When I want to make something vegan, there are some fabulous vegetables that I can use as a main ingredient for my dish. Mushrooms and cauliflower are some of those, my go-to ingredients. Particularly these meaty king mushrooms are wonderful, because of their size and the “meaty” texture. They certainly look important and it’s hard […]

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