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Category Archives: Beans/Lentils

King Mushroom Cauliflower Red Curry

When I want to make something vegan, there are some fabulous vegetables that I can use as a main ingredient for my dish. Mushrooms and cauliflower are some of those, my go-to ingredients. Particularly these meaty king mushrooms are wonderful, because of their size and the “meaty” texture. They certainly look important and it’s hard […]

Lima Bean Pasta Salad

At work we usually have a holiday potluck lunch in December. But last year we were too busy and some people were out of the office for vacation, and we decided to wait until January. We always have a sign-up sheet in the back of the office, and we write down what we are planning […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you got to celebrate the beginning of the year with good food and great company. This is one of many New Year dishes traditionally eaten in Japan, Zenzai, sweet red bean soup with grilled Mochi. A little twist of my version is the addition of baked and spiced apples. […]

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