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Category Archives: Sandwich

Smoked Trout Sandwich

It’s hard to find fresh fish in the Midwest, but I do like fish. So I often go for smoked fish, and trout is one of my favorites. The beautiful smoked trout along with tomatoes, spinach, and coleslaw were sandwiched between two toasted multi-grain bread slices. This was delicious! If you like fish, or simply […]

Panda Sandwich Bento

I was so excited to make these sandwiches. I got this panda sandwich kit a few weeks ago, and I hadn’t had time to try until yesterday. This is how the whole face looks. Isn’t it adorable?! These are pretty easy to make, and I was quite surprised at how clearly you can stamp the […]

BBQ Sandwich

When you have extra delicious homemade rolls, what do you do? I make BBQ sandwiches! I baked these rolls for our potluck Thanksgiving dinner. I brought leftover rolls home and decided to make these sandwiches. This meat-less no-mayo BBQ sandwich is so tasty. Mine is not vegan because there are eggs and milk in the […]

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