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Category Archives: Sandwich

Pulled JF BBQ Sandwich

BBQ Sandwich with creamy coleslaw. Anyone? Looks good, right? If someone asks what is “JF”, well, it’s the fun part of this dish. There is no meat in this sandwich. The pork-like yummy looking thing is jackfruit! When I first tried jackfruit at this vegan cafe, I was blown away. The look and the texture […]

Smoked Trout Sandwich

It’s hard to find fresh fish in the Midwest, but I do like fish. So I often go for smoked fish, and trout is one of my favorites. The beautiful smoked trout along with tomatoes, spinach, and coleslaw were sandwiched between two toasted multi-grain bread slices. This was delicious! If you like fish, or simply […]

Panda Sandwich Bento

I was so excited to make these sandwiches. I got this panda sandwich kit a few weeks ago, and I hadn’t had time to try until yesterday. This is how the whole face looks. Isn’t it adorable?! These are pretty easy to make, and I was quite surprised at how clearly you can stamp the […]

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