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Category Archives: Pasta/Noodle/Rice

Moroccan Lentil Ratatouille

What do you do when you have a lot of vegetables and want to eat them throughout the week. I make ratatouille! A few twists of this ratatouille are an addition of lentils and Moroccan spices. Do people add lentils to their ratatouille? Well, I do (did!). This is great when served with rice, but […]

Satoimo Croquettes

Satoimo is a Japanese taro root vegetable. This has an interesting slimy! texture. You’ve probably known by now that Japanese people like slimy food (lol). I haven’t had Satoimo for years but last time I visited the local Asian grocery store I found a frozen bag of Satoimo already peeled and cut into bite sized […]

Konjac Steak Bento

Weekend bento making fun continues! I think I’m slowly getting better at filling this new BENTO box. Little differences such as the length or the depth of the box makes each bento-box filling challenging. In this vegan bento box you’ll find… -Konjac steak -Sesame Shun-giku -Mustard Kabocha -Spiced Yuzu Carrots (note for myself: tahini, white […]

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