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Category Archives: Dessert

Brandied Pear Compote

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I didn’t want to make a huge chocolate cake that we would not be able to finish ourselves, but I still wanted something chocolaty to celebrate this special day with my love. So this was a little something I made for ourselves. Brandied pear compote served with cashew ice cream, candied […]

Apple Fritters

We had a potluck lunch at work last week. It’s always nice to do this because everyone can take a little time off from their hectic work schedule and socialize a little bit. But of course, trying different food is definitely a major fun part of this. One of the foods I really liked at […]

Bonsai Melon

I do like melon, but I usually hesitate to buy one. Just because they tend to widely range in terms of quality and sweetness from one melon to the next. Not from one type to the next, but literally from one sitting here to the next sitting right next to it. So when I saw […]

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